Exodus 3:14



At the heart of I AM not 4gotten is a desire to glorify Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior by loving and caring for the poor, abandoned and hopeless.  As we establish I am not4gotten ministries,  every aspect, whether housing, feeding, community outreach or education, will be accompanied with Biblical teaching and spiritual encouragement.  We know that nourishing the physical needs of the people is not the ultimate goal.  We desire to see them fed spiritually and restored into a right relationship with God.  


to be the hands and feet of jesus...

I AM not 4gotten sees a future with more boys taken off the streets and being placed in homes.  A safe place with land for a soccer field and other outdoor activities, a church, and dormitory.  By the summer of 2016, there will be mission trips planned with God providing the purpose, hopefully, for housing, housing with a church, or just plain discipleship.  Praying for God's lead, we will follow.


I AM placed a desire in our hearts to set up a home in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  I AM placed His great love for a group of shoeshine boys deep in our hearts.  Our goal is to provide a loving, home environment where the boys feel the love of the Great I AMWe will teach them God’s Word.  We will provide for their needs with food, shelter, clothing, and education. We will provide for their security with loving discipline and wise direction.  I AM has a plan to give them a hope and a future.  Our goal is for each boy to know in their heart that  “I AMnot 4gotten” and to see the lives of each boy transformed by the love of the Great I AM  so they, in turn, will go share all that Jesus Christ has done for them and become Fishers of Men.