Amazing two weeks in Ethiopia


Amazing two weeks in Ethiopia! We laughed and laughed…we saw God move in beautiful ways…spent days serving others with my son Rocky ( priceless) … spent days with my boys that live in Ethiopia and got to really see how the Lord is raising them up to be Godly leaders! (again priceless) ❤️. Prayed with several of our students from our lunch program. Some of the very best moments were seeing some of our boys ( Gashaw, Kalib and Tamirat) stepping up to be leaders! Rocky, Sisay and I along with these boys got to lead several students to Christ! ! So thankful to be able to spend such quality time with these amazing boys. Love doing real life things with them like …studying for exams…( ok Rocky tutored them😜) eating meals together, watching soccer, playing uno, talking about life ( their past and future) talking about the plans the Lord has for them, cheering them on while they play soccer, encouraging them, dance parties, having them show me their favorite things ( for instance boy loves birds and he built a I got to praise him for his handiwork then we went and got bird seed for his birds)…another boy is very artistic and he loves showing me his drawings.. just like our kids they need and crave love and attention…. it’s about showing you care and acknowledging what they do is important to you and the Lord❤️❤️❤️ I am so so grateful to be a part of their story!
I LOVED taking pics and letters from new sponsors to their sponsor child or family! It brings such joy to them and us 😍. Spent time with our wonderful workers ( family) in Ethiopia! Hemen, John, Fish, Bikes, Yenesew, Binyam, Ashy, Sewnet, Aster, Lemi, Eyob, Samuel, Belachew, Samerat and Fitsum. Can’t forget Kaleb, Dani, Fraol, Faji and all the others that helped make our time in Ethiopia so special! They are the core of this ministry! Love you guys! Thank you to all that love and support us through I AM not 4gotten❤️

Jodi Guy