He heals the broken hearted

He heals the brokenhearted, binding up their wounds.
Psalm 147:3
Hearing a story and actually seeing it first hand are two completely different experiences .
This last trip to Ethiopia was different. I walked my happy self into the soup kitchen to see the smiling faces of our boys eating lunch and all the sudden I was stopped dead in my tracks. Before me stood a little boy named Kebede. He was so badly beaten that I didn't recognize him. The night before he was jumped from behind and robbed of his days earnings from shining shoes. He was beaten by a couple of older boys from the streets. They literally beat his face with rocks and left him!! He was unrecognizable. I was so sad to see this precious child in so much pain. Listening to him tell me the story made me cry. I was sick and truly didn't get the danger of the streets for these kids until I saw it first hand. It was one of the most sickening things I have ever seen. 
I was so disheartened and I wanted to put his face on fb to SHOW the world what happens to these kids. But God stopped me from posting his picture. He deserves his privacy and I don't want to put him on public display.
I praise God that Kebede knew to go to our soup kitchen for help! Our workers grabbed this precious child and immediately took him to the hospital for treatment. I was there for over a week and each day Kebede was taken to the hospital for treatment. I praise God that not only do our workers on the ground feed these children but actually meet their physical needs. Kebede knew where to go for help and he received not only help but he received saving grace. He went into the green gates God had provided him each day for food and found loving arms to help when he needed it the most!! It's not us in the US that takes care of these precious kids, but our workers who go beyond feeding them and welcome them and take care of them as family. There are no words to describe how much our workers on the ground do for kids like Kebede. I Praise God everyday for our workers who have grown to love and care for these children. They go way beyond meeting their nutritional needs!!

Jodi Guy