HE is faithful


5 1/2 years ago I walked with these two boys down a long narrow path. It led to the tiny room these two little boys lived in... on their own... just them...and yes they paid their own rent. It was a metal and mud shanty. These two boys were on their own. ON THEIR OWN...no one watching out for them...No one to make sure they had food. No one to make sure they were warm and safe 😩 . I don't know how to describe it...but meeting them changed me. I could never be the same. God was doing something and I gotta say... none of us would ever be the same❤

Fast forward 5 1/2 years.... A few weeks ago I walked down that same long narrow path with Kalib ( boy in green) . He has lived in one of our family homes for almost 4 years now ( thank you Lord) But this time Kalib was going as a leader to encourage a shoeshine boy that comes to our feeding center. How big is our God👊🏼🙌🏼👏🏼. I love how HE works. Kalib and I got to reflect and think back to the day I walked with him and Tamirat on this very same path. We were both in AWE of all the Lord has done! (This boy... let me tell ya...he is SMART (top of his class), hard worker, responsible, kind, amazing soccer player 👊🏼, loves Jesus and loves others) I can't believe how lucky I am to know him❤. The boy we were visiting lived right by Kalib's old room! But this time Kalib was there to pray, share and encourage! God has done so much in Kalib's life and hearing him share and minister to another shoeshine boy was just amazing😱😍❤. I CAN NOT explain how special this moment was....I sat in this lil shanty and heard Kalib share his heart and testimony! He encouraged him to not give up!! He told him about his life and how hard it was and that he wanted to give up many times! Who better to share with him than one who's been there....one who's lived it. I was SO proud of him. Seriously...I can not tell you the enormity of it all...God heals and restores!! We finished our visit by praying over this precious boy. What a privilege it is and no doubt in my mind that we were walking on holy ground! I got to witness first hand the answer to so many prayers! All of us at I AM not 4gotten have prayed and prayed that our boys would grow in their faith and then go and tell others about the love of Christ! This was one of the many holy moments we experienced ❤


Jodi Guy