Lunch Buddies


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In the summer of 2015, I AM not 4gotten began a new program feeding the poorest children in the public school by our Judah House. These were sweet, neighborhood children, that many of us had interacted with on the streets. When we were given the opportunity to provide a school lunch for them, we were so blessed to be a part of filling not only their little bellies, but a very important need in their day... to see Jesus at lunch.

When the lunch program first started, we had only a room to gather and food to share.

We now have tables for the children to sit at and enjoy their lunch. A "Lemonade Fundraiser" was held and new uniform sweaters, shoes and backpacks were provided to each of the kids before school started this year.

The public schools in Addis Ababa are huge and overwhelmed. Classrooms are busting at the seams with 60 - 80 children in a class. Children know not to misbehave, or they will lose their privilege of going to school. This is how teachers maintain control of their overcrowded classes.


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