Exodus 3:14


​​At lunch time, a group of children  begin to gather outside the Feeding Center.

The I AM not 4gotten Feeding Center serves between 60 - 100 kids a day.  Most of these sweet boys are shoe shine boys and earn their living wandering the streets looking for shoes to shine. Before the I AM not 4gotten kitchen opened, it would not be uncommon to see them digging through the trash for their next meal. We need a sponsor for each of these boys. For $25 a month, you can make a BIG difference in one of these children's lives!

The cooks serving up the meal they have prepared.

I AM not 4gotten Feeding Center

Taking a quick break for lunch before heading back out to shine shoes.

Always working... you will never leave our Feeding Center with dirty shoes!

Each day, these children enjoy a hot lunch of pasta and bread, or a traditional plate of enjera.

Enjoying a hot lunch. Would you consider sponsoring one or more boys so they will continue to enjoy lunch at our Feeding Center.