Family Sponsorships ~

I AM not 4gotten was given the privilege of partnering with 84 families in the area of our Feeding Center in the fall of 2014. These families are some of the forgotten people in Ethiopia. Each family sponsored has at least one special needs child. They may be blind, have HIV or AIDS, crippled, or mentally handicapped. The conditions we have witnessed when we make home visits are deplorable, heartbreaking, simply indescribable! For some reason, God has chosen our organization to help the forgotten people of Ethiopia. These women have been left to beg or prostitute for their children. On a recent home visit, a single mom expressed her disbelief and thankfulness when she received a call from the Ethiopian government. She had just tried to commit suicide, because she was hopeless, desperate to take care of her children, and felt she had been forgotten by the world. That phone call changed her whole perspective when the voice on the other end said that I AM not 4gotten ministries would be helping her. She has a HOPE now! Because of Jesus Christ!

Since the inception of the Family Sponsorship Program, our counselors and social workers have helped 33 moms start a laundry service, 11 moms have found daily labor jobs, 5 moms are cleaning house, 8 moms are preparing injera (an Ethiopian bread) to sell and 11 are street vendors!! God is doing amazing things in Ethiopia!! He is meeting the needs and providing jobs for the forgotten and hopeless!! He knew the desires of their hearts and heard the cry of their souls!! 
If you would like to sponsor one of these precious families for only $25.00, you can change their world for the kingdom of God!! So little in our country can change a person in Ethiopia forever!
"For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts." Isaiah 55:9

Exodus 3:14