In April 2013, Jodi Guy and Kellye Jones went on a mission trip with Ordinary Hero, a mission group focused on the area of Ethiopia known as the trash dump in Korah.  Kellye and Jodi fell completely in love with the country, and the people they encountered which included some of the shoeshine boys. Their mission trip was full of experiences to see and help the children of Ethiopia, and they both knew they wanted to be a part of helping change these children's lives through Christ.  One night, Jodi and Kellye began talking with the manager of Ordinary Hero, and he fanned the flame to an idea they dreamed up together about having a house for the shoeshine boys to call home.

​​Two weeks after returning home, they got a call from their fellow dreamer saying he had found a house that had plenty of rooms, and a couple who agreed to live with the shoeshine boys!  A plan for a return trip began.  Jodi recruited her close friend, Kim York, and Kellye recruited her sister and brother-in-law, Dixi and Blaise Campanella.  On June 1, 2013, this team of four moms, one dad, and a college student, traveled to Ethiopia to set up a house for the boys!  God did amazing things and worked out a plan only He could have orchestrated!  The six weeks of setting aside personal finances and reaching out to friends for money to start the first house ended up not being enough. Much prayer had gone into this project, and we knew God would be faithful. After 3 full days of working to put a house together, meeting the shoeshine boys, and God-sized appointments, Blaise Campanella pulled Jodi aside and said he felt God leading him and his wife to become a strong financial contributor to this effort. We all knew this was an answer to prayer! The very next day, Blaise went to the bank and picked up the money to finish the first house. Let's just say the bank shut it's doors and had armed guards out front to complete the transaction! God's purpose superseded our plans.  These homeless, shoeshine boys that once roamed the streets trying to earn enough money every day to pay for a place to sleep every night, will not be forgotten anymore. 

​Since that first trip, we have opened a second home with another 13 boys, a feeding center and sponsor 84 families, each with a special needs child.  Our long term hope is to impact many lives in Jesus’ Name!

First group on the ground, June 2013, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia ~ Pedro Lima, Kellye Jones, Kim York, Blaise & Dixi Campanella and Jodi Guy

June 1, 2013, we started our journey with only a vision and a DEEP love for a group of boys we barely knew, but God knew!  From every step of Faith into unknown territory, God has gone before us and made a way. 


Exodus 3:14

How we got started...